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Polyweld NZ Ltd is an industry leader in electrofusion welding.

Using electrofusion to connect PE pipes provides a safe, systematic, economic and efficient method of installation. Our fleet includes the latest Georg Fischer electrofusion welding machines. These are excellent for in-trench works to join pipe strings and fittings together, particularly where butt welding would be inefficient due to construction issues such as excavation constraints, lack of space and depth, or height of join.

Our electrofusion welders include real time data logging technology which ensures each weld is completed to a consistently high quality.

Electrofusion welding is suitable for all types of water transportation and distribution, including stormwater, wastewater and irrigation.

Main advantages

  • Leak-free welded system
  • Speed of installation
  • In-trench welding saves space on small or tightly constrained worksites.

Our Projects

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