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Butt Welding is suited to all types of water transportation and distribution.

Polyweld NZ has extensive butt welding capabilities with our teams experience, combined with welding plant with the ability to weld pipe diameters from 63mm to 1200mm.

Butt welding is suitable for all types of water transportation and distribution, including stormwater, wastewater and irrigation.

Main advantages

  • Connector components and fittings are not required, which simplifies the installation process.
  • Pipes can be bent with ease without increasing tension on the installation.
  • Butt welding enables string lengths of up to 1000m to be prepared (depending on available space in the worksite) and laid-up, ready to install, even before trenching begins.
  • This means work can commence early (even before digging or drilling) to drive the critical path and fastrack installation.

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